Berry Bowl/Wheel-Thrown Stoneware Colander

Berry Bowl/Wheel-Thrown Stoneware Colander


Roughly 7.75" wide by 4" tall, with saucer
Available in three colors: Blue Rutile, Tourmaline, Chun Plum

This berry bowl is the perfect size for strawberries, but what about a mix of blueberries, blackberries, AND strawberries? Rinse your fruit in this wheel-thrown stoneware colander, let the saucer catch any drips, pop it in the fridge, and there you go: a sweet summer snack, ready any time you open your fridge.

A little bit about my process:

Each pot starts as a messy chunk of clay; I process the clay and throw it onto my potter's wheel, and form it into it's basic shape: a bowl, a mug, a plate, etc. Then, they sit up to dry a day or two before I carve, drille, cut, and clean them. They dry another week or so before their first firing, then I wax off areas where the clay will be exposed, glaze them (with food safe glazes, unless otherwise stated), and clean them again before their last firing. Finally, I pull them from the kiln, sand the bottoms, wash them off, photograph and price them, and here they eventually land, online, just for you. 

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