Forest and White Berry Bowl - Large

Forest and White Berry Bowl - Large


Bowl measures about 7.25” wide by about 4.5” tall
Plate measures about 7.25” wide by about .5” tall

Berry Bowls are great for rinsing fruits and vegetables, and the storing them on the counter in something nicer than a plastic container. Plus, if you store your berry-filled bowl in the fridge, the ceramic keeps the fruit chilled while you snack!

Saucer catches any drips from rinsing, and makes it easier to tote your bowl around while you graciously impress your guests with your hosting skills (or while you graciously carry your grapes to the couch)--either way, the saucer will be there for you.  

Wheel-thrown and trimmed to have a tall, sectioned foot ring, to allow space for airflow under the bowl (and berries).

The large size is big enough to hold about 2 pounds of strawberries, and the small size can hold about 1 pound of strawberries.

Care Instructions

I make my pots from brown stoneware and food safe glazes. I test my pots to make sure they’re safe to use in a microwave and dishwasher, although using both of these regularly can cause your handmade pots to wear out a bit faster than they might otherwise. When loading ceramic pieces into a dishwasher, it’s good to either space them well or load them next to softer (plastic, etc.) items, so your pottery is less likely to chip against other dishes.

I do my best to make sure my pottery is made for regular everyday use, and stoneware can last through many years love and care!


If you have any issues with your new pottery, please don’t hesitate to let me know via the Contact Me tab. I can’t promise exchanges, since my work and glazes change, but if something is wrong, I’ll do my best to make it right.

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