I first learned to throw on a potter’s wheel in China—oddly appropriate for this South Alabama girl raised on Chinese porcelain, cloisonne, and 1970’s faux-Asian faux-ink art work in the homes of my childhood. After that trip at age 15, I practiced on the wheel here and there for about 7 years until finally taking a full wheel-throwing course in the last semester of my senior year in college. I graduated with a degree in Art History in 2012, received a potter’s wheel as a gift, found a used kiln, and set up in my dad’s old workshop, making pots on the weekends and answering phones during the week. In 2014, I moved to Huntsville and began sharing a studio with Logan Tanner at Flying Monkey Arts collective on 2nd Floor South at Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment, and have been there making pots ever since.